Our crockery is Churchill Classic plain white. We feel that this helps to show off the food to maximum effect. The range includes a 6.5 inch tea plate, an 8 inch starter / dessert plate, a dessert / soup bowl, a 10 inch dinner plate, a 12.25" Dinner plate, an 11.75 inch pasta plate, Sandringham cup, saucer, Espresso cup, milk jug, butter dish, condiments, coffee pot, sugar bowl and bud vase.

We also have Café Latte Mugs in white, which are ideal for serving a large coffee, or maybe soup, or even Mulled Wine. Another addition to the white range are Ramekin Dishes, which can be used for soufflés, crème brulé or chocolate pots.

We can source other styles of crockery, so please contact us with your requirements.

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