Frequently Asked Questions (Hire)

Q:~ What time can I collect my hire from your unit?
A:~ We are open for collections or returns from 9.00 a.m. until 5.00 p.m. every day except weekends and Bank Holidays. We ask that you schedule a time with us, as we are not always at the office.

Q:~ How long is the hire for?
A:~ The standard hire is a 72 hour period (e.g. pick up one day, use the next, return the following day) or a full weekend (e.g. pick up Friday, return Monday). In the case of Bank Holidays the return day would be on the Tuesday. If you require the items for longer than 72 hours, please phone for a rate.

Q:~ I want something that is not on your list, can you help?
A:~ We are constantly buying new stock and occasionally we introduce new lines. If we do not have an idea you require, ask us and we will try to source it from one of our suppliers.

Q:~ What happens if I break or lose some of your equipment?
A:~ You are strongly advised to take out your own insurance against breakages or losses if you are hiring large quantities or high value equipment. We have replacement rates for all our equipment, so if anything is broken or lost, we would ask you to pay the replacement rate. Please contact our office for replacement rates. It is possible that you may mislay some items which may turn up later (after we have collected). It is your responsibility as the hirer to return these items within 7 days, otherwise we will have to charge full replacement rate. If you require us to come to collect again, we will have to levy a transport charge.

Q:~ Do I have to check everything that is delivered to make sure my order is correct?
A:~ Before signing for a delivery you are responsible for checking that your order is correct. Please ask the driver to go through it with you. Your order has been checked and double checked at our unit prior to delivery, so mistakes are rare; but in the event of a shortage, we need to be advised immediately and certainly before the goods are signed for. If a shortage is found after the goods have been delivered and signed for, we are unable to accept this as a valid claim.

Q:~ One of my guests has spilt red wine on your linen tablecloths, should I put it through my washing machine?
A:~ There is no need. Our laundry process will remove red wine stains. However we would ask you to hang the cloth up somewhere to dry it out before packing it back in our laundry bags. Damp linen packed in laundry bags will quickly produce mould, which is impossible to remove, and will render the tablecloth unusable.

Q:~ How do I book?
A:~ Telephone our office on 01202 526121 and we will take your order over the telephone, we shall create a quote for you and send via email.

Q:~ Why do I need to pay a deposit?
A:~ We ask for a deposit for every hire unless you have an account with us. The deposit can be cash or credit/debit card. If there are any shortages or breakages we can take the replacement charges out of your deposit payment, if that is convenient for you. The minimum deposit is £50.00 for small orders, but we do charge more of a deposit if your order is larger (proportional to the total hire cost).

Q:~ What are your rules on deliveries and collections to a particular site?
A:~ Our delivery is door to door, so if we are required to deliver considerably further than this once on site, we reserve the right to charge more. Once the goods have been signed for, the signatory / hirer is responsible for the security of the items until we collect. Please pay particular attention to this when goods are delivered into marquees where areas are not usually secure. Our equipment is supplied in protective boxes. We ask that once the equipment has been used, it is replaced in these boxes ready for collection. If our driver arrives to collect, and finds that the equipment is not in the boxes, and has to be packed, we reserve the right to charge a surcharge to cover the driver's time.

Q:~ I'm not sure what to order, I have never organised a large party before, can you help?
A:~ Our staff have many years of experience in organising functions and events of all sizes, so would be more than happy to help with your choice of equipment.

Q:~ I would like to do a spit roast, but I am worried that it is too much hassle?
A:~ We have hired our spit roasters to lots of people who have never done it before. We supply explicit instructions on how to use the machine prior to your hire. On delivery our driver will show you the workings of the machine and answer any queries.

Q:~ I'd like to pick up my order from you, will it fit in a car?
A:~ Please telephone us and we will advise as to whether it will safely fit in your vehicle. Crockery and cutlery boxes will usually fit in a car boot quite easily, depending on the size of your order, but furniture and kitchen equipment is much larger, and will require a van. For example a spit roasting machine will not fit in a car or estate, but a barbecue folds down and will fit in an estate car.

Q:~ What type of barbecues do you have?
A:~ We have propane gas-powered slatted top barbecues. We have 2 sizes - 3ft and 5ft.

Q:~ I'm thinking about having linen covers for my chairs. Does one size fit all?
A:~ The chair covers are tailored to exactly fit different styles of chair. We have covers to fit bistro chairs and wooden banqueting chairs. The metal framed banqueting chairs in some hotels are larger, and our covers will not fit. Check with our office if you are unsure.

Q:~ I am preparing a lot of hot food and I need to keep it warm during service, any ideas?
A:~ Firstly, do you have enough oven space to cook the food in the first place? If not, and you only need a bit more space, then hire one of our tabletop mini ovens. If you have a lot to cater for, then a 6 burner propane gas oven would be more suited. Once you have cooked the food there are four ways to keep it hot. A heated display unit will keep casseroles hot, and is also ideal for whole joints of meat which are to be carved. Chafing dishes are an attractive way of keeping casseroles, curries, vegetables, meat and rice etc. hot. We also have electric Bain maries, which are suited to keeping casseroles and liquid dishes hot.

Q:~ I am having a big party at home where I will be preparing a lot of the food myself. What are the obvious pitfalls?
A:~ The most important thing when you are preparing lots of food is to have sufficient refrigeration. Your domestic fridge in your kitchen is fine for storing food for an average family, but will not be any use when you are having a large party. We have mini fridges and large upright fridges which are ideal for this.

Q:~ I need to serve coffee to a lot of people at the same time. How can I do this?
A:~ We have coffee percolators, which will produce up to 100 cups of fresh ground coffee in less than an hour, and keep it warm until you need it. If you prefer instant coffee or tea, we have water boilers that will keep water for 100 cups hot until you require it. This could also be used in conjunction with our cafetieres to make fresh brewed coffee to go on the table.

Q:~ I'm confused about how many people fit around a table, and what cloth fits what table.
A:~ The following table will help. The larger the cloth, the longer the drop will be. Patio tables do not require table linen, but the wooden trestles and round wooden tables have un-varnished tops, so will require a table cloth.

Plastic patio table seats 4, tablecloth not required.
6' x 2'6" trestle seats 6, requires a 70" x 108" oblong table cloth.
3' round table seats 3, needs a 70" x 70" square or 90" round table cloth.
4' round seats 6, needs a 70" x 70" square or 90" x 90" square or 90" round or 108" round (to floor).
5' round seats 8, requires a 90" x 90" square or 90" round, 108" round or 120" round (to floor).
5'6" round seats 10, use a 90" x 90" square or 90" round, 108" round or 120" round.
6' round seats 11, use a90" x 90" square or 90" round, 108" round, 120" round or 132" round (to floor)

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